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CMA solar is a Melbourne-based Australian owned company that specialises in the design, installation and distribution of renewable energy products. With over a decade of industry knowledge and experience we can offer the best in renewable energy products and services.

CMA Solar is a company that prides its self on it's complete range of services - from aid of selection and purchase of equipment, to installation and adjustment of equipment and personnel training. We are happy to adjust our services to your needs, providing you with a package tailor made just for you!

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CMA Solar designs, sells, installs and services Solar Energy Products, Solar Hot Water Systems, Small Scale Wind Power Systems and various other energy-related equipment.

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Research & Development

At CMA solar we deliver leading products through our competitive research and development program. Through the integration of cutting edge technology, over a decade of industry experience and creativity we deliver superior products and energy solutions.

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Technical Services

CMA Solar provides excellent technical support to all clients. To learn more about the CMA Solar Technical Support team or to contact the team, please click below and visit our Technical Support page.

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Government Incentives

Choosing to switch to environmentally friendly alternate energy sources can reward you in more ways than one. Government incentive and reward schemes mean that you can receive tangible benefits simply by switching over to an alternative energy source!

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Solar Photovoltaic Modules

Solar Energy Products

Photovoltaic Modules are a versatile power generation unit which allows the direct conversion of solar energy into direct-current electricity. These units can be used individually, connected in a series or in parallel depending on the requirements of the user.

Photovoltaic Power Systems

Solar Energy Products

Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems from CMA Solar give you the ability to harness the power of the sun, even during days of prolonged cloud-cover and rain.

Solar Powered Street Lights

Solar Energy Products

Solar Powered Street Lights are becoming a more and more common sight around our roads. These lights speak of your ongoing commitment to the environment and will aid in the reduction of costs associated with running adequate street lighting.

Other Photovailtic Power Supply Systems

Solar Energy Products

What Our Client Say About Us

  • CMA Solar have been professional and extremely helpful, with everything from originally installing the solar panels and inverter to now upgrading the inverter to storage battery. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to go solar panels.
    Jenny T.
  • CMA Solar did a great job.very fast and efficient.good workmanship as well.
    Allan M.
  • The installation went seamlessly, with the CMA Solar team being an expert in the solar business who was also reliable and tidy! Not easy to find! I'd highly recommend the Going Solar team.
    Kevin R