About Us

Our mission is simple – superior customer satisfaction by providing superior alternate energy solutions by means of solar energy, wind turbine systems and solar hot water heating systems.
Driven by the desire to focus on each customer’s needs we aim to work closely with each individual operator to provide energy solutions that will suit their environment and energy demands. Throughout all of our dealings we endeavour to respect the wishes and needs of our clients.

At CMA Solar we are uncompromising on the high standard of quality we deliver. With a new focus worldwide on alternate energy solutions we aim to play an intergral part by superior products and solutions. At CMA solar we wish to be respected and recognised for our ability to develop, manufacture, distribute and service the product demands of renewable energy systems.

By continuing to focus on our customers needs and delivering quality energy solutions we hope to grow in our industry knowledge and expertise. With each customer we gain invaluable experience, aiding in our extensive understanding of alternate energy solutions.