Design Services

CMA Solar provides a range of alternative energy product design, engineering and development services. Our services cover the following:

Additionally, CMA Solar has a range of in-house computer modeling, engineering and prototyping services. These allow us to design and engineer the most complex shapes and assemblies imaginable. These services and systems include:

  • Concept design – determining the best, functional and ergonomic and styling layouts.
  • Product Engineering – precise computer modeling considering all mechanical details.
  • Prototyping – including semi-engineered mock-ups to near-final rapid prototypes.
  • Testing & compliance.
  • Production sourcing & tooling management.
  • Support material – including product graphics, brand development, marketing material.
  • Industrial design
  • Product design engineering
  • Prototype construction & management (SLA, SLS)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Packaging & Graphic design
  • Tooling referrals & management
  • Finite element analysis
  • Production management and finished part supply