Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems

Photovoltaic Power Supply Systems from CMA Solar give you the ability to harness the power of the sun, even during days of prolonged cloud-cover and rain.

These systems are stand-alone or grid-connected and consist of a photovoltaic module matrix, accumulator, power supply controller, DC/AC inverter, power transmission and distribution, low-voltage power feeding net, AC & DC loads and more.

Join the environmentally-friendly movement today and make the switch over to a Photovoltaic Power Supply System today, all without the normal headaches involved with solar!


Stand Alone Power Supply Specifications

Solar energy has in the past been overlooked due to the need for ongoing clear skies and good weather in order to enjoy a consistent supply of power. However, with photovoltaic power supply systems from CMA Solar, you can store unused electrical energy for use when direct sunlight is unavailable and the system cannot meet load requirements. Monitoring components can also be added so that you’re fully aware of your system’s performance at all times.

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SEGPV Mono Panel + SMA Inverter +BOS
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SEGPV Poly Panel + SMA Inverter + BOS
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