Solar Photovoltaic Modules


Photovoltaic Modules are a versatile power generation unit which allows the direct conversion of solar energy into direct-current electricity. These units can be used individually, connected in a series or in parallel depending on the requirements of the user.

Our modules feature solar cells with a high conversion efficiency, EVA sheet, solar glass and Teller (TPT) back sheet compounded from fluor-plastic and dacron. The units are constructed using highly reliable welding technology and a high-vacuum heating lamination process, with anticorrosion-treated aluminum alloy frames and watertight terminal boxes.

This ensures our units are sturdy of construction and are resistant to ultraviolet aging and wind of up to 2400Mpa. They also have a long life span of 25 years with an output power reduction not exceeding 20% to provide you with a reliable unit that keeps on giving.


Solar Cell Specifications

Photovoltaic modules should be mounted at an angle which allows for maximum light irradiation. These modules are flat-plate modules and thus are not suitable for condensation situations. We offer an installation service with our experienced technicians for those who require it.



  • Residential and commercial building power supplies.
  • Integration into environmentally-conscious ‘eco’ buildings.
  • Communication and relay station power supplies.
  • Petroleum piping cathode protective power supplies.
  • Railway signal beacon power supplies.
  • Additional electricity at power stations for public use.


There are many other potential uses for photovoltaic modules, especially when purpose-designed and built by CMA Solar. Please contact us if you have a specific project in mind.

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